‘We must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately.’

Benjamin Franklin (printer), 4th July 1776

For your finished work to look fully coherent and polished, certain style conventions need to be agreed before our editors set to work: things like dates, titles and capitals, hyphenation and punctuation.

How would you want the following to appear throughout your text?

  • Abbreviations: Nato or NATO;
  • dates: 2 January, 2nd January or January 2nd;
  • punctuation: e.g. or eg; Ms. Sivell or Ms Sivell;
  • titles: the prime minister or the Prime Minister;
  • terms & concepts: First World War, first world war, or WWI;
  • quote marks: single or double;
  • hyphenation: co-operate or cooperate;
  • and – most crucially – American or UK English: realize or realise; program or programme; license (noun) or licence?

Unless commissioned otherwise, our editors will follow UK-English rather than American-English spelling and phrases, as specified by the Collins or Oxford dictionaries.