Editing or proofreading?

Basic proofreading involves:

  • correcting any errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar;
  • removing typographical problems such as ‘stray’ spaces that will affect layout;
  • ensuring style and presentation are consistent and coherent throughout the entire document.

Editing provides all the above, but in addition we will:

  • improve fluency and readability;
  • remove repetition;
  • check facts where possible;
  • offer suggestions to improve clarity and structure where necessary.

All our changes will be clearly marked for your final approval.

You will receive two copies of your text.
– The top copy will be ‘clean’ and ready to upload or send to the printers, with any editorial comments and suggestions clearly flagged in the margins.
– The working copy will have all the same comments, but the deletions and substitutions will be clearly ‘tracked’ in red – so that you can see what we would alter and why.

If you choose not to accept our amendments, a click of the mouse will restore your own words.

In the case of teaching materials, our editors will ensure that the vocabulary is age-appropriate throughout.

For texts translated into English from French, German, Dutch or Spanish, we will cross-check against the original document.