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  1. Dear Jay,

    Are you the Jay I had contact with some years ago? You replied on the visitors page of http://www.cnooks.nl. Unfortunately this page was deleted so I lost track of your email address. Are you the Jay of the wonderful aricles on your grandfather with Aglo Saxon? My father was a chief engineer with NIT, La Corona and Shell Tankers BV and I recognise so much in your articles. If so, please give a shout on my email address, I would like to contact you again.
    If not give a shout also so I can continue to find the real Jay Sivell.

    Kind regards,
    Capt Gerrit Dijkstra – Shell Tankers Retired,
    Secretary CNOOKS.

  2. Jay, just to say how much I have enjoyed your writings about your grandfather and Shell Tankers.

    Thank you so much.

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